Posts from March 2011

Posts from March 2011

Cabin Fever?

This cold/wet weather getting you down?  This weekend we will all defintately need to get out of the house! We can’t promise sunshine but it will definitely be a good time Sunday, 10am at CCC! Bring the whole family for a great day:)

Sunday, April 3rd

Sunday, April 3rd- this will be just a fun time to come and have extended time of being in Community.  Families will be together this Sunday and we will have focused time of just hanging out as a CCC family; there will be coffee, different games and activities set-up for everyone to participate in.  This will also be a great Sunday to have focused time of building…


Make plans to join us this Sunday for the Gathering at Southside Elementary.  Worship begins at 10am but come early for coffee and doughnuts!

Colonial Hall

One of the groups from CCC went out for LoveShelbyville to Colonial  Hall Manor.  One of our members lives there and we LOVE the people at Colonial Hall.  If you know anything about their residents you know they love to eat and they love to have parties (I mean who doesn’t right?!)  It was so fun to serve them breakfast and play a mean game of Bingo!  They are such…

Colonial Hall, ALC and Southside

If you have not yet; be sure to check out the pictures from LoveShelbyville Sunday on our facebook page.  Check back this week for awesome stories of how God moved through these different projects!  Featured tomorrow…Colonial Hall!