Expired: 29, 11, 1 – Three Numbers that matter from this past Weekend at CCC!

Expired: 29, 11, 1 – Three Numbers that matter from this past Weekend at CCC!

It rained. Fall break started. Family nights launched at CCC! The Cats squeaked out a win and Blanton Creque is killing it for the Cards!

Purdue won too. But that only matters to me. :)

There was a lot happening in little ol’ Shelbyville this weekend but three numbers reminded me of some awesome stuff God is doing in our midst!

29 people attended a 101 covenant membership class at either Midland or Governors Square! That’s 29 people who are trying to figure out how to take their next step outside the gates with Jesus! 29 people God is pulling towads the mission to Love God, Love people and love community!

11! That’s what the volume is cranked to on a scale of 10 for Community Kids worship at Governors Square! I LOVE being able to hear them – not just worshipping, but LEADING each other in worship – GREAT KINGDOM STUFF! As I heard Ben Henry say recently, “Who knows what the churches they plant will look like!”

1 2-hour conversation I was blessed to have with my brothers girlfriend after the Gathering Sunday. She grew up in a Hindu home and Sunday the Good News of Jesus was too much for her to ignore! In her words, “I want to believe that Jesus is both the Son of God and Jesus is God. I just need to read the Bible for the first time to see that that is true.” Would you pray with me for her as we read through the gospel of John in the next few weeks? Would you also pray that God continues to call her to himself?