Expired: 3 Ways to Engage Jesus when Life is Chaotic

Expired: 3 Ways to Engage Jesus when Life is Chaotic

Leaving your comfort zone isn’t just about doing something you wouldn’t usually do.

It’s about joining Jesus where he’s calling you to be.

Let’s be honest. It’s hard to join Jesus in something difficult if you don’t know what he’s saying. And it can be tough to know what Jesus is saying.

We noticed 3 ways this week that Moses stayed engaged with God as he confronted Pharaoh this week.

Which one of these will you put into practice?

Cultivate an honest prayer life 
Moses wasn’t afraid to ask the hard questions. He returned to the Lord and questioned everything about his calling.

When was the last time your prayer life consisted of more than a few requests or a desperation cry in a tough moment?
Fly by prayers don’t allow the depths of our heart to be exposed and they leave little time for God to speak to us. And thinking is not praying.

Find a time this weekend to get away – even if for only 10-15 minutes – and write out a prayer that is super honest before God. God honors that!

We memorize Scripture.
Moses was able to recognize what was the voice of God and what was not. What an incredible ability! Today, we are aided by having God’s Word in written form. This helps us recognize when God is speaking and when our voice is drowning him out. It is much more helpful when those words become a part of our core thinking through memorizing. How ironic that we value scripture memory for our kids, but as adults we often brush it to the side!

If you want an app that helps you work on this (a little or a lot!) check out Scripture Typer. It has been super helpful to me recently!

We slow down by fasting.
Scripture reminds us that Moses was 80 years old when he was engaging Pharaoh! Wow! For many of us, we’ve been taught that life is short, we have to grab opportunities when we can, and we have a huge fear of missing out!

All of these can put us in sticky situations where we are actually getting ahead of God! And that’s not a good thing. We end up in the wilderness instead of outside the gates.

Fasting expresses to God our desire to engage with him. It slows us down and reminds us that we go out as God leads out. Here’s a couple of ideas for a simple weekend fast:

Drink water only for a weekend and each time you desire something else to drink say a prayer that affirms God is enough for you.

Turn your phone off for a day and whenever you crave it seek out a family member instead.

Cut out meat from your diet for a weekend and when you are reminded of your fast thank Jesus for his sacrifice for your sins.

Be a follower of Christ that takes action! Which one will you put into practice?

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