Ethiopia Needs

Ethiopia Needs

Please read Holly’s story and see how you can help and follow their increidble journey!

“I’ll start with some background. In August 2009, Jeff and I, along with our son Bryan, brought home our daughter Ellie from Ethiopia through the miracle of adoption.  While in country, we were able to visit her home village and orphanage. Ellie is from a town called Woliso, about 2- 2 ½ hours outside the capital city of Addis Ababa. In Woliso is the Emmanuel Orphanage which is run by Job (I cannot recall or pronounce his last name). We were thrilled to meet Job as we knew that he was instrumental in saving our daughter’s life by bringing her to the orphanage. We were also able to meet many of the remaining orphans at the center while there as well as visit with Ellie’s
birth mother in the town. We saw firsthand the great need for so many things in Woliso.

First and foremost, they need clean water. Our hearts were burdened for this when we came back to the US, as we brought Ellie home with 5 parasites that took 9 months of treatment to completely get rid of. We began some basic training with Edge Outreach in Louisville KY, which is a ministry that provides clean water to places where it is not available. However, in order to get that water to Ethiopia, we needed to have a good partnership in the country. Adoption guidelines prohibited us from sending money or resources directly to the orphanage, so we prayed and waited on God.  In the recent few months, we have become aware of and met Caleb and Becca
David who run a non profit ministry called One Child Campaign. Their goal is to provide for the needs of the orphan in Ethiopia. They have recently begun work in Woliso, and when we learned of this, we knew that we were meant to work together. We plan to travel to Ethiopia with One Child Campaign in July of this year and will use our training from Edge Outreach (will be getting trained to install water cleansing treatment from them in the near future) to take clean water to Woliso. God is answering our prayers!

There are many needs in Woliso besides just the water. However, getting clean water there is certainly a priority. At this time, there are approximately 45 orphans living at Emmanuel, all of whom have malaria and are carrying parasites. Their food supply is extremely limited, and malnourishment is evident. They are in need of beds, as many of them sleep on mats on the floor. They are in need of school supplies, mosquito netting, a new sewage system (as they currently have open sewage which is a hotbed for malaria!), and they need a new fence around their perimeter to help provide safety for these children.  We realize that we may not be able to provide for every one of these needs right now. But we also know that God has a heart for these children and their needs. We have seen this firsthand, and we cannot ignore it! We would
love for you to be a part of this with us as well.

The cost of a water system (generator, two tanks, stand for the system to be placed on, transport to Ethiopia) is approximately $5000. Anything we can raise above that amount will be used for the other needs in the area. Also, One Child Campaign is doing similar work in other areas of Ethiopia where needs are as great, so certainly there can never be enough given to outdo the need!”

To see how you can give. what you can specifically pray for; and also just to follow this journey the Lord has them on check out Holly’s blog here.