Are you in a CommunityGroup?

Are you in a CommunityGroup?

If you are not in a CommunityGroup there is no time better than now to join!  Some of our groups have been doing things a little different throughout the summer; but with school starting and Fall on the horizon they are ready to go!  For FAQs (like “Why should I join a Group?” check it out here.)  EVERYONE is welcome in a CommunityGroup and to make it super easy there is a list of when/where all groups are meeting right now:

Student Group

Jeff & Mary Bracken (Student Group);

(Jeff) 859-539-7838 (Mary) 606-416-1880

Sunday 5:30pm (106 Mill Circle Drive)

Group 1

Jason & Jody Raker

(Jason) 502-472-7885 (Jody) 502-655-0811

Sunday 5:30pm (984 Morning Glory Lane)

Group #2

John & Angela Bennett;


Wednesday 6:30pm (1248 Pinehurst Drive)

Group #3

Wes & Tiffany Keene

(Wes) 859-230-1177 (Tiffany) 859-230-1176

Wednesday 6:30pm (407 Erie Court)

Group #4

Jason & Melissa Midkiff

(Jason) 502-751-3307 (Melissa) 502-338-5348

Thursday 6:00pm (901 Craig Avenue)