Baby Jesus Song

Baby Jesus Song

Hey CCC!

What a fun time of year to be teaching our precious children. We are currently learning about the birth of Christ! This week, we specifically focused on the story of the wise men. In Matthew 2:1-12 we learn about wise men who travelled from a distant land in order to find the King who had been born. Have you ever found it interesting that God revealed to the wise men—pagan priests and astrologers—that the Savior had been born? Jesus was King, but not in the way these men likely thought.

As you have dinner, talk about the wise men and the sign they saw which pointed to Jesus. Talk about signs you see today, and how you can see them pointing to Jesus. Share with your family one thing you remember God showed you as a sign.

The wise men brought gifts to worship Jesus. We too need to give all of our worship to Jesus Christ. God sent Jesus to earth to be the Savior of all people, and He deserves the praise we give Him!

This week, we have a special announcement!!!

This Sunday, December 23, our preschoolers will be singing in front of The Gathering. We have been working very hard on a precious little song, but your help practicing with them would be so much fun! Here are the words and motions to the song:

Baby Jesus Song

(To the tune of “Are you sleeping Brother John”)

Baby Jesus, baby Jesus, (cup and rock your arms)
please don’t cry, please don’t cry. (rub eyes)
Don’t you know I love you, Don’t you know I love you, (give yourself a hug)
Very much, very much. (arms out wide)

Baby Jesus, baby Jesus, (cup and rock your arms)
born to us, born to us. (arms on chest)
Come let us adore Him, Come let us adore Him. (praying hands)
Joyously, joyously. (Arms up)

Also, our elementary students will not have class with the Bennetts. Our elementary students are encouraged to join their familes in The Gathering to worship and celebrate the birth of our Lord.

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” Luke 2:14 (KJV)