Thanks to the generosity of all of you at Christ Community we were able to send a generous gift to The Kentucky Baptist Association Disaster Relief.   If you feel led to donate directly to these efforts they will continue to have teams working in all areas affected by these most recent storms.  Go to to find details. MATCHING SHELBYVILLE, KY FAMILIES TO…

Expired: Leaving your Comfort Zone

Leaving your comfort zone. You don’t want to do it. And yet you do. It is an ugly tension that many of hate to embrace; yet, we continue to find Jesus when we get out there.. Outside our comfort zone. When the Israelites first came to Egypt, it was a place of rest and respite. In a famine, food was found, health happened, and multiplication began. But the Israelites…

Expired: On the Lookout: Van Needed

A team of folks from CCC has been helping a refugee family resettle here in Kentucky. Recently, the family has asked if members of the team could teach them to drive. One gap in that is having a van for their family. The family is seeking to purchase a van for their needs. Would you pray for this? If you know of a van that might be a good fit, please contact Eric Allen at…
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