Gratitude & Faith

“Gratitude is a past oriented dependence; faith is a future oriented dependence.” – John Piper Listen to this message as we learn about exalting God through being grateful and having faith in Christ.  http://www.loveshelbyville.com/multimedia/services/

LoveShelbyville (Angels!)

Hey CCC!  We have an awesome opportunity to LoveShelbyville!  We has been given 24 more Angel Tree Kids and we wanted to give our CCC families an opportunity to provide a Christmas for them (that otherwise they would not have).  Here is what you would be responsible for: Each Angel needs 1 Full Outfit (including shoes) 3 toys You will be able to drop the gifts off to…

Coat and Shoes for Winter!

Hey CCC (and Shelbyville!)…it is November and the cold weather is already here!  With winter quickly approaching, God has provided us with another opportunity to LoveSouthside.  Many of the students come to school in the winter with no coat and/or shoes that are either cold weather innappropriate or falling apart.  So what are we going to do?!  Collect coats and…