New Sermon Series: “Limitless”

New Sermon Series: “Limitless”

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. said, “The great act of faith is when man decides that he is not God.”

Each day in our lives, we make decisions that reflect the level of trust we have in God. The more we take into our own hands, the less we express our trust and faith in God—even if our faith is there.

Instead of lives limited by fear of what could happen, God wants you to experience the limitless joy of life today.

While many of us think that managing our own lives well leads to limitless opportunities, the gospel teaches us that limiting ourselves is what leads to a limitless life in Christ.

Jesus taught his disciples this through a series of encounters and faith tests that culminated in them realizing who he truly was: the Messiah. The promised one of God.

Don’t limit what God wants to do in your life this summer—get to Christ Community!

June 3 – The Limits of Humanity
June 10 – A Limitless Faith
June 17 – A Limitless God
June 24 – Have Courage. It is I. Don’t Be Afraid.

July 1 – The Limits of Tradition and Culture
July 8 – Outside Your Limits
July 15 – Limited by Christ Alone