Love the Broten Family (via Kendra Kiser)

Love the Broten Family (via Kendra Kiser)


It was awesome this Sunday to hear from Kendra Kiser about the 6 months she spent with the Broten family loving and bringing the Gospel to the people of Chad.  Many of you have asked how you can help so below are a list of things the Broten’s would LOVE to have…most are small and simple but would serve as a huge encouragement to them.  If you would like to donate any of the items you can email or give them to Kendra Kiser directly.  We would like to get them as soon as possible so that Kendra can go ahead and mail everything to them.

Caribou (ground) coffee/Caramel Coffee Mate

Maple flavoring

Hot Chocolate Mix/Gatorade Mix

Coloring books/crayons

(Kids friendly) Movies

Art Supplies/small cars/army men, etc/crafts

Candy (that will not melt)/Gum

Chips/cheese dip

Peanut Butter/Cliff Bars

Flash lights/batteries

Food Coloring

Hockey/Baseball Trading Cards

Ziplock bags

Encouraging notes