One Day! Everything You Need to Know!

One Day! Everything You Need to Know!


What is “One Day?”  One Day is a celebration at Christ Community Church of what God is creating in the community of Shelbyville through the generosity of His people.  On this One Day (10.13.2013) we will bring the financial gift that God has led us to give as an offering to God for the purpose of furthering the mission of Christ Community Church.

How will this money be used?  The expected costs of renovations and construction will be approximately $200,000.00.  This money will be used to prepare a space within Governors Square Shopping Center that will be occupied by CCC – This space will be rent-free!  Some of these improvements will include plumbing/bathrooms, making a safe/secure and fun environment for kids, fixing/improving electrical issues, etc.

How will this building be used?  This space will be used for CCC’s Sunday morning Gatherings and to support our ministry partners.  We will continue to meet in home through Community Groups throughout the week.

What is the first step?  PRAY!  The cornerstone and catalyst to everything the Lord has done through CCC is prayer.  Please pray that this space will be used to love God, love people and love our community!  You can also share what the Lord is doing at Christ Community with others that may feel led to pray or give financially.

How does this affect the vision, mission, and values of Christ Community Church? Those stay the same!  We have set a goal to raise these funds outside of the budget.  Giving to our partners, missions, and our vision to see the Gospel change one person at a time remain intact and essential to who we are.  This video features Lee Webb talking about the beginning of Christ Community and how we got to this point:  Lee Webb on Starting Christ Community Church.

What part of my regular giving goes towards One Day? If you regularly tithe or give an offering to Christ Community Church, that continues to be used for our budget items.  We’re asking that the funds you give to One Day be above and beyond your regular giving.  We are blessed to be a blessing (Genesis 12) and we challenge you to ask God to help you be creative in the way you give to One Day.  For an extreme idea, check out this fun video we shot to promote One Day.

Ways to give:  For more ways to give and for tax information click here: Ways to Give

How do I give?  You can bring your donation to The Gathering on October 13th, 2013 our “One Day” of celebration or you can mail a check at anytime to:

Christ Community Church

ATTN: One Day

18 Village Plaza PMB 122

Shelbyville, KY 40065

**please do not give to “One Day” in place of your regular tithe.  This is meant to be a sacrificial gift above and beyond your regular giving.