Philly Update & How to Pray for our Team

Philly Update & How to Pray for our Team

Below is an update from Mary Bracken and our team in Philly!  Please take a few minutes to read it and pray specifically for some of the needs they are seeing and people they are loving!

“We cannot thank you all enough for the prayers that are going up for our group! The younger kids were a lot better today, but the older group of kids were more of a struggle today. Please just continue to pray for that connection with them! I know that it is wearing our team members out.


The El Train ministry last night went great. We made up 200 bags of sandwiches, fruit and water and gave out all of them! We went to 2 locations (100 bags at each) and just as one location was finished and getting ready to load up the van, the other group came over with reinforcements (there wasn’t as many traffic at the 2nd location). Anyways, there we great conversations and prayers going up with those individuals.


Today, one group stayed and worked with the children while another group went to this vacant lot where 2 homes have been torn down. This woman doesn’t like the look of the over-grown weeds so she had decided to make it a community garden (she is in the process of adopting the lot until it is sold). She took me on a tour yesterday to show me the beginning, in progress and final product of these gardens. Anyways, one of the groups went out there and cleared out one lot so she could start the process! :) So proud of them.


Tonight was our first night doing basketball ministry at the parks with Gatorade. The group reported that the people at the court responded very well to them being there and a couple of people asked if we were coming back tomorrow!!! Please pray for those further connections and future conversations. Pray that our students have the confidence in sharing their faith and to come up with ways to start conversations!!! That appears to be a difficult task.”  -Mary Bracken