Shea’s Story

Shea’s Story

Please take time to read CCC’s new CommunityKids Director’s (Shea Mercke) story

“My first memory of church was when I was about four. On Saturday nights, I would stay with my grandmother then Sunday morning she would take me to children’s church. I continued to go to church with her until I was seven.

My father got a job, so we moved several times and never found a church family. Through all this I felt like something was missing. I had a hard time figuring out who I was and never found lasting, loving friendships.

When I was thirteen, we had a new family move in two doors down from us. Within two weeks, their oldest daughter invited me to VBS. This started my desire to dig into the Bible. Any free time I had was spent at church. Our church was at the end of our neighborhood; I walked there every Sunday and Wednesday until my dad finally took me. He stayed with me one Sunday and thankfully the family soon followed. I steadily built a relationship with God throughout high school.

I was so excited about college, especially a Christian college. I was eager to learn more and build strong Christian friendships with new people. About a month into my freshman year, a very close friend of mine passed away unexpectedly. It was the first time I had a tragedy occur in my life as a Christian. I was destroyed by her death and blamed God for the damage done. I really needed a support group but my family was just as distraught as I was. I reached out to the ministry team at school but quickly learned I was not their type. I never got over the hurt of my friend’s death or the rejection of the ministry team until my senior year.

My senior year, I started to spend more time with my sorority little sister. She was passionate about the Lord and compassionate to the struggles I had during my college years. She invited me to an off campus Bible study that rekindled my love for God. God softened my heart and forgave me for straying.

Since then I have been blessed with great mentors and friends that nurture my relationship with God. I love reading new Bible studies and trying to actively apply those lessons to my life. Recently my family has started an accountability email group, which has been a wonderful tool.

I hope that God will use my passion for teaching children and my desire for learning more about the Lord. I am excited and open for what He has in store for my family and Christ Community Church.”