The Dog Days of Summer at CCC

The Dog Days of Summer at CCC

Sometimes the best part about going back to school was getting away from my brothers.

Growing up the Lawyer boys spent their summers together working on the farm.  By the end of the summer we were pretty much done with each other.  As the authority figure throughout the day, I was lovingly despised by each one.  Chores had evolved from a fun adventure outside to a tense time of trying to get out of as many duties as possible.

Though our mouths said we didn’t want to go back to school, we needed the separation.  And then somehow magically by the end of school the Killer B’s (as we were known..) were ready to get back to the dog days of summer on the farm.

And that brings me to Hebrews 13:1.

“Let brotherly love continue.” (ESV- my translation of choice when studying..)

I get the sense that Christ Community is hitting the dog days of a long summer.  Not just this one, but a longer one in the life of the church.  After an exciting spring, we have really enjoyed the excitement of a growing body.  We’ve soaked up the sun of summer as relationships have grown and we’ve created memories that will last a lifetime.

But around the corner, we see the next chapter.  We’re excited about moving locations and enhancing our impact.  We’re expectant about what new relationships will form and what God could be doing next.

In the meantime, it would be easy to find ourselves despising the “chores” and people that we continue to walk with in these waning moments of the “summer.”

So let’s commit to this:  letting brother love continue.

The Greek word meno can be defined as such: to remain in a place or state, and expect.

So as we put away the chairs each week this fall, as we deal with a kiddo that has gotten into the teacher’s desk again, and as we dream about what God is preparing, let’s continue to love each other.

It will take patience.  

It will take a servant’s heart.  

It will require us to think beyond ourselves.

In the end, though, I believe we will look back and tell stories of the dog days of summer and remember what God did in them to unite us around the Gospel and his vision to take it to our community and world.

Let brotherly love continue.