The Gathering ReCap (8.11.2013) AND Looking Ahead this Week

The Gathering ReCap (8.11.2013) AND Looking Ahead this Week

In case you missed it:

•  This week was really centered on connecting people to groups as they return to a more scheduled life with school starting. We saw from God’s Word how even something as simple as going to a group expresses faith in God.

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 Upcoming this week:

•  CommunityGroups are officially kicking off this week! This is a great time to jump in a group. Here, you can find a full list of when they meet and how to connect with a leader:

•  Please be praying about how you can support and give as we begin the process of renovating a new space for CCC to meet! Take a minute to watch this short video,, on what our plan is to raise funds for our new location

•  Another great resource can be found at Check this out for answers to frequently asked questions and more ways to give!

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