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With a year to cultivate our soil in order to bear fruit - will we?


We want the fruit of ministry - baptisms, stories of change, meaningful connection, new churches/ministries, but we really need to address the root through relationships - both with God and people.


+1 Discipline

Our ability to relate to others is fueled by our relationship with our creator. Spiritual disciplines are work - they are spiritual training that not only change our lives but connect us to our God. 


Commit to adding 1 spiritual discipline to enhance your relationship with Jesus


+1 Follower

We all love to see people make the decision to follow Jesus and be baptized. Few of us spend time cultivating relationships with people who have not made that commitment.


Commit to praying and doing whatever you can to reach 1 lost person


+1 Relational Hour

Who we spend time developing our relationships with says a lot about the condition of our hearts. Relationships aren’t meant to be something we leverage for our own gain, they are a blessing from God that he uses to bear fruit in his kingdom. 


Commit to spending 1 hour a week engaging relationally with someone outside your circle.


+1 Disciplemaker

It’s easy to chalk disciplemaking up to a task and forget that the task is only completed through committed relationships. 


Commit to either becoming a disciplemaker or making a disciplemaker

Leading a Group?

Whether you are wanting to go back and explore the passage deeper yourself, start a family conversation, or lead your community group discussion, these guides will help you take a further step into each of the Plus1 initiatives.

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