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Community Kids Volunteers Still Needed

Community Kids is off to a GREAT fall start! The preschool classrooms have spent the past month learning about creation, all the incredible things God made, and how much they are loved by Him. Our elementary small groups have been continuing to learn Truth through New City Catechisms and are strengthening their relationships with one another as well as their leaders! We were able to serve almost 90 kids (and their families!) the last time we met together. Now that October has begun we have had time to adjust to our new Community Kids volunteer rotation as well as see where we still have needs for volunteers willing to serve once a month. We still have a need for at least:

  • TWO preschool volunteers (two for the 4/5-year-old room—MOST NEEDED)

  • ONE elementary volunteer (one male 3rd grade volunteer)

If you are willing to talk to Katie about serving in Community Kids, please call/text her at 270-804-3451 or email her at

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