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3 Keys to really Knowing God in 2021

Owen Strachan, Director of Public Theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, tweeted the following quote on Monday as he referenced a passage in Acts, saying:

“We do not need men who are familiar with the Scriptures.

We need men like Apollos who are mighty in the Scriptures.

(Acts 18:24-28)”

After reading this tweet, I humbly and ironically realized that I was only vaguely familiar with the name of Apollos, but I couldn’t articulate anything about him or why he was in Scripture. I opened my Bible to discover that Apollos was a man who was passionate about the Lord (v.25) and while he knew scripture, there was more for him to learn (v.26) and he took in more knowledge to grow in the Lord. This intentional decision to learn more only aided him as he was able to speak against falsities by using Scripture as his weapon (v.28).

Apollos sets a strong example of 3 key actions:

1. A passion and desire to want to know more

2. A willingness to listen to wise council

3. A desire to use this new knowledge to further God’s Kingdom

So it’s worth us taking a look at ourselves and asking, are we merely familiar with God’s Word or are we mighty?


This devotional thought was written by Daniel Bright. Daniel serves at Christ Community as the Online Director working to connect the mission of CCC to those who are "at home" during the pandemic.

Do you have a devotional thought that God has challenged you with? Share it with the CCC family! Email with your thought or devotional.


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