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3 Tips for Leading your Discipleship Group this Summer

D-Group leaders, take heart. The quasi-chaos that has ensued as summer schedules flow into our lives is normal. And your group can navigate those schedules, and even more, thrive and grow spiritually. Here's 3 tips:

  1. View schedule interruptions as opportunities for resets. What weaknesses or bad habits has your group taken on? Maybe you've slacked in Scripture Memory or your conversation has slipped away from intentionally working through your HEAR journals. Perhaps there's no real accountability taking place and what once was producing life change has slipped into a casual exchange of bible knowledge. Use the off week(s) of vacation to reset those when you come back. You might even re-visit the covenant the first day back.

  2. Help your groups reflect on vacations differently. It's always fun to hear about what people experienced on vacation; good food, sights they've seen, adventures they've had. What if you helped people reflect on how God interacted with them on their vacation? Vacations are often a chance for God to meet us differently as we have time away and mental space freed up for more reflection. Ask questions like, "Did God show you anything about your relationship with him that is changing your daily walk?" or "Is there anything that you realize you need to eliminate as a result of being out of your usual rhythms?" This also helps us to remember that vacations are about resting in Christ more than they are about being entertained.

  3. Be more intentional about interrupting people's day. Since you'll likely miss a week or two during the summer, be more intentional about sending out that text to your group that shares a piece of your day or asks how you can pray. You might just find that interrupting people's day leads to opportunities to go deeper relationally with a couple people, and as a result, deepens the group when regular meetings resume.

Know that we're praying for each of you as D-Group leaders this summer - keep joining Jesus in making disciples who make disciples!

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