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5 Catapults into 2019 at CCC


Everybody has tried to jumpstart something with a catapult action. The tricky thing is, they can backfire if you aren't careful. Just ask this lady:

With that, here's 5 things that can catapult you into 2019 with CCC. Check your heart though so that these don't backfire; this isn't a task list but rather seeds of some new habits that can shape how God will change you in 2019.

  1. 10:10 Prayer. At 10:10 everyday (AM or PM, your choice) pray for CCC. Pray that God would give us an unusual unity. Pray that God's vision would be clear to each of us. Pray for our leaders to have shepherd's hearts and wisdom. Pray for our community, that it would look a little more like heaven after 2019. Pray that those missing from Christ's church would be found. Pray for boldness to be obedient to God's calling in our lives. Pray for the people in your community group. Stop now. Set an alarm in your phone. Pray everyday. You got this. Isn't it amazing to think about hundreds of us storming heaven's gates with prayer at 10:10?!? Pretty great stuff.

  2. Read the book of Romans. We're spending 2019 preaching and teaching through the book of Romans. Did you know you can read the entire book in 1 hour? (Check out this cool chart for times to read other books. Reading books in one sitting will change your view of the Bible!) I would encourage you to find that hour sometime in these early days of 2019. Find 1 hour to read this incredible book. Also, check out Bobby's primer on the culture of Rome versus America. It helps put Paul's letter in perspective. Paul wrote Romans as a letter. Read it as one, and then we will spend the year together discovering how it's also God's Word to us.

  3. Sign-up for Listening Sessions. If you're a covenant member, you are expected not to just come to church but to be the church. The church is not healthy or complete without your gifts and presence active. As we consider some really big next steps, we want to listen to one another and to God over the next few months before making those decisions. We need each other, and that means we need YOU! Governor's Square, sign up here--> Listening Session Sign-up Midland, link coming soon!

  4. Increase your giving by $2 per week. If every person who regularly attended CCC increased their giving by $2 each week, do you realize the impact we could have?!? Thousands of additional dollars could be given to God's mission! We're talking $2 a week. $8 a month. Less than $100 for the year. Maybe you can do $5 more per week. It's amazing to watch God multiply our small faith actions! As we stretch ourselves in giving, the Lord is always faithful to increase our faith and trust in Him. It's a win-win. Stop. Visit Set-up your recurring giving. See your faith grow.

  5. Tell someone you are committed to gathering with the church each week. One of the number 1 reasons that many have grown skeptical of Christ and his church is because Christians have allowed gathering with the church to become optional. We do it when we want or when we need it. We don't gather to have church, we gather to be the church. To care for one another. To pray together. To take communion together and remember Christ's gift to US. Our unusual unity will draw many to Christ. So take the first step. Call up a friend and tell them you are committed to gathering with the church each week. Tell them it's a priority in your life.


Talk the talk. And then walk the walk.... ...Or let the watermelon hit you in the face!


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