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Are we After God's Own Heart?

We here at Christ Community have spent the first quarter of 2022 following the story of David through Scripture. While we pray that we've learned more about the passages of texts we've opened, we were really after one thing: changed hearts.

We wanted our hearts to be more aligned with God's. We wanted God to change our hearts and make them desire his.

As we finish up this series and step in to the Easter season, may God find our church with hearts that are ready to join Jesus in whatever he has for us next.

"Teach [us] your way, Lord, and [we] will live by your truth. Give [us] an undivided mind to fear your name. [We] will praise you with all [our] heart, Lord [our] God, and will honor your name forever. (Psalm 86:11-12 CSB)

If you missed any of the sermons in the series or if you want to go back and catch one that God encouraged you with, you can find a link to each sermon below!

A heart that is seen (1 Samuel 16)

A heart that is rescued (1 Samuel 17)

A heart that loves (1 Samuel 18)

A heart loved selflessly (1 Samuel 20)

A heart that shows mercy (1 Samuel 24, 26)

How to kill your heart (1 Samuel 25)

A heart that grieves (2 Samuel 1)

The focus of your heart (2 Samuel 6)

A heart loved by a father (2 Samuel 7)

A heart rescued from rebellion (2 Samuel 11-12)

A heart given endurance (2 Samuel 16)

A heart that is undivided (1 Chronicles 28)

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