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Be the Church. New membership class will launch in February.

There’s 2 questions that CCC leaders hear often that don’t seem related at first, but in reality they are:

“How can I get more connected?” and “Why do I need to be a member?”

Be the Church is a new membership class designed to help you answer both! It's not just to check the box of church membership, but to help you meaningfully connect to the people and mission of Christ Community. What’s more, we’ve designed it so that current members who have a need for greater connection can benefit too!

Each session includes a post-Gathering luncheon, information about what we believe and why we do what we do, and opportunities to take next steps. If you’re new to Christ Community, or have need for deeper connection, you can sign up today for all 4 sessions or visit the connect desk in the lobby to sign up for specific classes in the series.

Class Dates

Feb 4 -  Joining Jesus

Feb 11 - Connecting to people through groups

Feb 18 - Connecting to serving & the mission

Feb 25 - Beliefs & Membership


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