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Christ Community, let's be THANKFUL!

This past week was the perfect lead in to Thanksgiving because it's left me incredibly thankful for our church family!

So without further ado, several things I'm thankful for on this Monday..

  1. I'm thankful for a church that loves missions! I had a chance to share about our experience as a church in birthing and burying new churches this past week with some of our sister churches. It was a great joy to share that our church has come through that with a stronger passion for prayer and for supporting mission partners because we understand how hard it can be.

  2. I'm thankful for a church that loves the nations! Hearing from some friends who God has called to go to the nations as well as meeting with a team of people that includes 6 CCC family members this week who are heading to support international partners has me really grateful for a church that realizes that heaven includes people from every tribe, tongue, and nation!

  3. I'm thankful for a gospel that saves! We had 2 people express faith in Jesus and interest in baptism this weekend! Let's Go! There's great opportunity for many more to be saved by the good news of Jesus during this upcoming Christmas season - so be bold in sharing Jesus!

  4. I'm thankful for the new members of the CCC family! Richard, Jason, Jill, and Hailey - welcome! Y'all each have unique stories that inspire me! What a blessing to continue to be encouraged by new stories of how Jesus is working in people's lives!

  5. I'm thankful for a generous church! Last night, the CCC family approved the 2024 budget with a 100% vote! I'm so thankful for the leaders who worked on that budget, and at the same time, so many who were faithful in generous in giving so that we could keep joining Jesus in going out to make disciples! (Don't miss out the opportunity to be generous in the upcoming Lottie Moon Christmas Offering!)

  6. I'm thankful for faithful leaders! We recognized Phil Thurman for completing his term as a pastor/elder last night! WOW! What an incredible leader! A heart for the nations, great discernment, and wise in stewardship.. but more than that, he loves Jesus and his Word. Thankfully, it doesn't end at Phil. Our pastor/elders, deacons, and staff teams are filled with faithful leaders. Sitting in the seats are also many workplace leaders who are shining bright for Jesus. I'm thankful for faithful leaders!

  7. I'm thankful for the chance to serve through Love Shelbyville this weekend! It's the last Love Shelbyville day of the year - and we need all hands on deck! If you've got family in, encourage them to work off that Turkey with some service, and let's go out to make much of Jesus! Get signed up now so we can serve well this weekend:


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