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Come join us for a RIDICULOUS week of celebrating Easter!

When Jesus first came into Jerusalem, the religious leaders told Jesus to make the people stop praising him because it was ridiculous.

A short time later, something ridiculous happened: Jesus was resurrected from the dead!

Everyone who started telling people about this resurrected Jesus were then considered ridiculous by many of those who heard it.

At face value, there's nothing more ridiculous than a man who was also God dying on a cross and being raised to life.

And yet, it's in that very truth that our hope lies!

Come celebrate with us all week!

April 2 - Palm Sunday (10 am)

April 7 - Good Friday Worship Night (6 pm)

April 8 - Egg Hunt (11 am - Southside Elementary)

April 9 - Doughnuts & Drinks (9 am)

April 9 - Easter Gathering (10 am)

Watch, too, for a special podcast release on the medical evidence that Christ's crucifixion gives us!

Want even more? Keep up with the actual events of that first Easter through the Easter Now app.

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