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Family & Children’s Director Search Team Identified

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Dave Sullivan has been called on to lead the Family & Children’s Director Search Team. Dave and his wife Jen are parents to 4 children, Ruby, Jack, Eli, and June, so they've got experience in the parenting game! Dave has served a term as a Pastor/Elder as well as serving the church through preaching, he's led a community group, led mission teams to Honduras and more.

Serving on the team with Dave will be Jennifer Bright, Jesse Benson, Darian Combs, and Phyllis Webb.

Jennifer currently serves on the Community Kids leadership team, is married to Daniel, and they have 1 daughter.

Jesse Benson spends his days working with Crossings Camps at the Cedarmore location. He is married to Christa and they have 4 children.

Darian Combs is married to Brad and they have served at CCC in a variety of ways including safety, leading a community group, and initiating the Pledge to Pray initiative. They are currently expecting their first child!

Phyllis Webb is the original face of Community Kids! She served consistently in kids through the first few years of CCC as a part of the launch team led by her son, Lee.

Will you take a few moments to pray for this team?

And will you make a plan to pray for them continually as they lead us in our search for our next staff member?


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