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Made for More Community Group Session

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

A new community group session will begin on Sunday, September 29th! We will work through the book More by Todd Wilson. Get connected with any of the community groups listed below by contacting the leader, or email for more information.


Merckes at 6:15 PM

Gaithers/Dennisons at 6:30 PM


Maires at 6:30 PM


Wades at 7 PM


Thurmans at 6:30 PM

Mattinglys/Combses at 6:30 PM


Brights at 6 PM

Johnsons at 6:30 PM

Rannells/Hagers at 6:30 PM

"More meets Christians where they’re at, acknowledging the roots of their discontent and demonstrating how to move from inspiration and desire into action. Church strategist and ministry activator Todd Wilson shows how all believers can live more abundant lives around the uniqueness of how they were made and what they are called to do.

Introducing a memorable vocabulary and an easy-to-use practical framework, More equips readers to embark on a journey of discovering their unique personal calling. It enables readers to answer three of the most important and profound questions we all naturally ask.

  1. Who am I created to be?

  2. What am I created to do?

  3. Where am I to be best positioned to do it?

The integrated answers to these key questions—the BE-DO-GO of a person’s life—represent the core dimensions of personal calling. Inspiring and challenging, More gives readers permission and encouragement to engage in the journey God has solely for them."

--Excerpt taken from


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