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Connect with Community Kids: God's Rescue Plan

In February, we learned how sin entered the world and spread. Even though God judges sin, He always shows mercy. In Eden, God made a promise to provide a solution for all sin which became cleared through His covenant with Abraham. God promised to bring the Rescuer through Abraham’s family. This family was far from perfect and endured great adversity, but through it all God remained faithful, revealing that nothing could stop His plan.

Through March and April, we will learn to trust that God controls everything. As we read through the book of Genesis and Job, we will make connections to see how each story points to God’s rescue plan. Because of His love and mercy, He sent Jesus through Abraham’s family as a sacrifice for the sins of the world so that we may become His children.

Big Picture Q&A: Who is in control of everything? God is in control of everything in heaven and on earth. Nothing is outside of God’s good plan.

Key Passage: “For I know that the Lord is great; our Lord is greater than all gods. The Lord does whatever he pleases in heaven and on earth, in the seas and all the depths.” Psalm 135:5-6

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