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Created for Community

Have you ever been part of a group that you loved and suddenly, with no warning, it just stopped? Maybe it was a sports club, knitting club, moms meeting, workout class, accountability meeting, or maybe a similar interest club. Regardless of what community you were part of, it probably stung when it abruptly ended. Maybe not at first, but when you noticed that there was a void in your life, some part of you hurt. You have invested time and resources into a community maybe for something it offered, but then relationships sprouted in those weekly gatherings, a tribe or family you were part of. Having community disband or disappear with or without warning can leave you guarded or hesitant about getting plugged back in.

The same thing happens when you are part of a community group and it suddenly stops. We prioritize and invest time into a group of people perhaps having to change schedules around, give up other commitments, or just get uncomfortable and put effort into meeting new people. In the end, the effort, time, and commitment pay off as you walk with other believers in the day to day.

Studies have shown that close to 80% of people involved in a community group become less interested in rejoining a community group when theirs disbands in an unhealthy way! That is a staggering number! Which tells me that many of you reading this have quite possibly been through similar situations. If that is you, we want to encourage you to give it another try. If you are thinking about giving up on your community group, we encourage you to stick it out! Our fall and spring community group launches are a great time to jump back into community. Community is something all of us were created for and desire even when we don’t know it!!


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