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Drinking in Living Hope - Top of Mind Monday

Drinking in Living Hope

That last song in yesterday's Gathering was one of those moments that you want to linger a little longer in! The Spirit's leadership and presence was awesome! As I reflected on it this morning, I realized yet again how grateful I am to be a part of the CCC family.

Then, I pulled up to the Biggby drive-thru window this morning to grab my coffee and everything bagel with cream cheese. They were trying out a new coffee blend. The name? Living Hope. Proceeds go to support an orphanage in Zambia.

Sign me up to keep drinking in living hope.. in all the ways.. but only through Jesus.

We need each other

Whether it was praying with people who were hurting, celebrating with people who were making decisions, or hearing how much we need others through Chris' story, I found myself thinking about how much I need others. We all need each other.

I was reminded again as I helped coach 3rd grade basketball players yesterday afternoon, and even this morning as I drove to the annual meeting for the annual meeting of the Kentucky Baptist Convention.

We need each other. Grace pursues.. so go pursue someone you can love today and I'll do the same.

I'm hungry for next week's annual dinner!

There's going to be good food, but more than that, our annual dinner is a time for us to come together for some unfiltered time around tables to get to know one another more, invest in each other's families, and celebrate what God has done as we've united around the mission to join Jesus in going out to make disciples.

Don't miss out. Dinner's at 5. Short meeting at 6. Christmas decorating to follow. Love you fam. Come hungry!


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