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E.KY Mission Trip: November 2nd

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Who: We need TEN people to say ’yes’ to serving this day

What: Mission Trip to Eastern KY (specifically we will be going to WalMart in Pikeville, KY)

When: Wednesday November 2nd. The team will leave CCC at 6:30am and return by 5:30pm)

Details: We will be teamed up with individual families that our partners at GAP serve with. The families we will be helping have had their homes destroyed by the recent flooding and are in the process of full restoration of their living spaces; this is a big step in that direction.

Each family will be given a budget and we will help them triage their needs from most immediate to to least and then help them shop and stay within their budget.

You can register here ( or reach out to Katie via phone call/text at 270.804.3451


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