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Family Gathering Details - Sundays in July

During the month of July, we will partially reopen the Community Kids space for a Family Gathering! Our desire is for this to be a time of fun, worship, and discipleship as a family.

To provide a safe environment and honor COVID-19 recommendations given to us, here are some important details you need to know for this weekend:

  • The Family Gathering will take place at the same time as the Gathering (10–11:15 AM).

  • As you arrive in the space, you and your family can come on in and sit in one of the preset circles of chairs. There will be a different game at each space for you and your family to play as you hang out and wait for us to get started! Throughout the Gathering, please try and stay in your space.

  • Due to the size of our space, only 12 families can attend the Family Gathering, so I encourage you to get here by 10 AM if you want to check it out! Once the doors to the Community Kids space are closed, no one else will be permitted to enter. The good news is, if it is already full, you can still attend the Gathering happening on the other side of that wall!

Thank you so much for your grace and patience as we try to navigate through everything going on right now. I hope to see y’all Sunday! Please reach out to me with any questions you may have before then.

—Katie Gaither, Community Kids


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