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Family Gathering Update & FAQ

Here are some questions (AND answers) that have come up over the first couple weeks of the Family Gathering. If you have any questions in addition to the ones below, please reach out to Katie at any time ( or 270-804-3451).

Q. Do you have to sign up?

A. No! You do not have to sign up; you can just show up. We have the space to safely accommodate up to 12 families. If we reach capacity, the door will be closed to the kid's space, and you will still be able to attend the Gathering (we have not had to do this yet).

Q. Is it a live stream of what is happening in the Gathering?

A. It is not a live stream. We experience the same elements of worship (story, worship songs, Gospel teaching), but it is more geared toward families.

Q. Do we need to wear a mask?

A. Based on the recent restrictions that have come out, we do ask that your family members wear a mask when coming into the space, moving throughout the space, or when talking to another person following the Gathering. You may take your masks off when you are sitting together with your family (all families sit six feet apart and stay six feet apart the entirety of the Family Gathering).

Q. Is there somewhere we can access the Community Kids content online if we are not at the Family Gathering in person?

A. Yes! We would LOVE for you to join us in person, but if you are not able to, please reach out to Katie so you can continue to be a part of what is going on at CCC!

Q. Will this be continuing?

A. We are excited about offering a Family Gathering at least through the month of August (with the exception of Love Shelbyville Days where you will still be encouraged to serve with your families)!


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