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Father’s Love Needs Your Help!

Whether you're a seasoned professional, an experienced hobbyist, or just someone with a burning passion for a particular field, your knowledge and enthusiasm can make a lasting impact on these young minds. 💫

💡 At Father’s Love their aim is to expose these bright minds to a diverse range of skills and careers, igniting their imaginations and helping them explore their potential. Together, let's inspire them to follow their dreams! 🌌🌸🎨🌱

Beginning in September they need volunteers to teach a career or skill to their elementary aged students in their Dreamer’s Rise program. Volunteers will teach for just three consecutive weeks Thursday nights from 6:30-8:00. Each week (of the three week rotation) you will teach a new small group of children their skill or career. The goal is to expose our students to a variety of skills/careers to help them figure out their dreams and passions. If you can help please contact Katie (270.804.3451 or to sign up/for more details!


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