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Grace closes the Gap

In our relationships with others - whether marriages, friendships, peers, coworkers, etc. - conflict produces gaps or divides; it causes pain, hurt, and multitudes of other feelings. When someone wrongs us, resolution is not the key - restoration is. If we pursue those who wronged us with grace, then we pursue closing the gaps.

In grace, I'm called to persistently seek the person over the situation. Their sin brings them shame and a lack of confidence. My forgiveness is a small part of grace. Pursuing them and closing the gap is an active call to rebuild their identity, overcome their shame and guilt, restore their confidence, and exalt the relationship above all situations.

This is how God pursued us in our sin against him.

Sin separates. It separates us from both God and people. Sin can produce hurt, low self-esteem, anger, brokenness, and an array of other feelings, emotions, and division. In dealing with sin and conflict we often hear about conflict resolution. Resolution often leaves the brokenness, hurt, and divide that wasn't present prior to the situation.

Grace is in the pursuit. Pursuing restoration, not resolution. Jesus pursues us, restores us, and closes the gap that divided us from God.

Let's do the same in our relationships!


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