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How a day off school reminded me of the power of singing

As I opened my feeds to take in some of the daily news, there it was: Shelby County Schools were canceling school because of the Luke Bryan concert coming to town.

Before you make any assumptions, I'm not mad at them. I'm not even judging their decision! There's way more factors that I have no way of knowing or understanding! And for the record, our family enjoys listening to Luke Bryan most of the time.

But as that gap in the school calendar keeps popping it up, it's reminded me of the power of people gathering together around song. There's something unifying about singing together; words and melodies people are familiar with sung in a variety of pitches, yet somehow coming together in mid-air to form a song that affects us deeply. It's something powerful enough to press pause on school!

And once you've accepted that, you realize that what you sing together matters!

There's not many things about being part of a church family I love more than singing together. I admit, I grew up in and around "church music." But the lasting benefits are so great that I will continue to encourage others - even those not musically inclined - to join in the chorus. To this day, I'll hear tunes and melodies from my childhood in my head, and often in a moment where the Lord seems to be reminding me of a truth from that song I needed to hear.

Now, I know not everyone likes the same kind of songs, but I do know this: At Christ Community, we want to sing songs that you can sing and that communicate memorable truth. And part of those songs making a deep and lasting impression on you and others is you showing up ready to sing them!

That's why DJ has put together a Spotify playlist of songs that will guide CCC this fall. Make it your go to list first thing in the morning. Plug them in your ears when your cleaning house. Play them over your speakers while you share a meal with your family. Become familiar with these songs so that we can sing them together.

It's pretty powerful when we do.

All because of a day off school...



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