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"I believe in Jesus! I love Jesus!" (Top of Mind Monday)

New members and new memories.

It was exciting to start the new year with some new members of the CCC family! We welcome Vance & Wylene Myers & family, Doug & Melinda Patton, Mike Ellis, and Carson & Kelsie Troutman & family. But I gotta be honest; Maverick stole the show! As these new members read their part of the new member affirmation, Maverick yelled repeatedly, "I believe in Jesus! I love Jesus!" What a memory for our church family! Welcome to the family, Mav. Keep leading us, to that kind of simple love and devotion to the one true and holy God!

Only a holy God.

Speaking of one true and holy God, wasn't that new song yesterday AWESOME?!?!? A group of us CCC guys sang that together at The Gospel Coalition conference last fall and knew it needed to make it's way to CCC. That song is the heartbeat of this whole series on the 10 Commandments we're calling Bold Humility. Here's the song in case you want to sing it real quick:

Dan Duffala preached his first sermon last night!

One of the guys on that trip last fall was Dan Duffala and he preached his first sermon last night at EDGE students! Love it! Dan has been faithfully serving in student ministry and discipling guys so last night's step into preaching was a natural next step as he continues to Join Jesus in Going out to Make disciples! Keep going Dan!

TJ spoke the good news from Kentucky and it changed a life in Texas!

Dan wasn't the only one sharing the gospel! TJ shared this morning that he had been talking to one of his co-workers in Texas about faith in Jesus and that had led to sharing some books with her. This weekend, she was baptized! Wow! CCC, keep opening your homes and your hearts and your mouths to share the good news of Jesus! It changes lives!

Pray for Nik & Ruth Ripken as they teach at Southeastern Seminary this week.

We want to keep sending people not just to neighbors but also to nations, and Nik & Ruth Ripken help not just us, but the church at large do that! This week, they are teaching a week-long intensive class at Southeastern Seminary. Would you pray for their strength and endurance as they teach this week? And would you pray for fruit to come from that teaching? Both in students hearts and minds, but also in missionaries being sent!

BONUS: Check out my post from last week to get acquainted with a ton of stuff happening at CCC as we kick off 2024: 20 Things as '24 Starts

There's just some really cool stuff that God is doing in the people of CCC right now, and I want YOU to be a part of it! Follow that link and connect in with one of the many things getting started as 2024 gets rolling!


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