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New Sermon Series: It Doesn't Seem Like Love

When was the first time God didn’t fit in the box you had for him?

Maybe you lost a child. Maybe depression had decimated you. Perhaps there have been seasons or years where it just feels like God is piling on the bad stuff. Or even worse, he seems silent, unreachable, non-existent. And to make things worse, people whose actions seemed far worse than yours were doing just fine.

That doesn’t seem like love.

Sundays in February and March, Christ Community Church will explore the story of Job and ask four questions that he did: Why didn’t I die? Why have you made me your target? Why do you hide your face? Why do the wicked continue to live?

In seasons where we want to scream out, “It doesn’t seem like love,” how do we find the courage to ask the tough questions? What does asking those questions say about humanity? What does all of this say about God?

Join us as we explore Job’s story and these questions on Sunday mornings at 10 AM. Also, our community groups will be digging into hard questions specifically about our faith in Jesus. To learn more or to find a community group to join, contact Kenny Mattingly.


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