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June 27: LOVE Shelbyville!

***Bookmark this post for updates on groups and info on projects for our upcoming Love Shelbyville day, June 27, at 10 am. We will meet at the church (198 Frankfort Rd) before being sent out to serve.

Groups in order of most help needed

  • East Middle School (25 people) Landscaping flower bed, weeding parking lot.

  • Stormhaven Youth Ranch (15 people) Painting fences, preparing for upcoming construction projects.

  • Painted Stone Elementary (15 people) Weeding flower beds

  • Colonial Hall (10 people) Interacting with residents at Colonial Hall through board games, reading, and more.

  • Pledge to Pray (10+ people) Engaging our mission to prayer walk every street in Shelby County. Walkers will be equipped with information about CCC and the gospel for anyone they encounter along the way.

  • A Place to Sleep (5-10 people) Delivering 2 beds to children in our community.

  • Awake Ministries (5 people) Building a set of steps connected to a loading dock.

  • Prayer (5+ people) Praying for our community, the groups serving, our church, and more.

Have questions about one of the groups? Contact


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