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“Kick-Off” with Community Kids - August 6th

School is starting soon, and we are “kicking-off” a new season in Community Kids! August 6 is our official promotion Sunday for our Elementary students. On this Sunday, we are inviting all of our elementary kids to wear their favorite sports team jerseys or shirts as we welcome our new group of Kindergartners, move up to new small groups, and introduce our new 5th grade leaders. We are excited to kick-off this school year in Community Kids as we continue to build relationships, have fun, and live out our faith through loving Jesus, sharing the Good News, and serving others.

Guidelines for Elementary Check In/Out:

  • Community Kids check in begins at 9:45 on Sunday mornings.

  • All kids must be checked in and checked out by a parent/guardian.

  • Parents/guardians will receive an ID card at check in and must return it to check out their elementary child(ren).

  • After returning the ID card, parents/guardians may wait in the check out area for their child to be dismissed.

Please contact with any questions about Community Kids. We can’t wait to see you there!


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