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KY Changers is Coming to Shelbyville!

KY Changers is a group of people of all ages, from all over the state that come together each summer to serve local communities through home repair projects. KY Changers is coming to serve Shelbyville this summer and we are going to have the opportunity to serve them! Check out the opportunities below and contact Katie ( if you would like to help!

Sunday, July 10th: CCC will get to host a small group on Sunday. We need people to transport our KY Changers group from Collins High School to CCC where they will join us for worship and lunch. After lunch, we will get to take them to the site where they will be working all week; pray with them and then take them back to Collins.

Monday- Thursday of that week: Pick up lunches from Highland Baptist and take them to the team at their worksite.

We are excited to have the opportunity to serve them as they serve those in Shelbyville!



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