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Learning to Walk. Again.

Have you tried to return to normal and it just doesn’t go like you planned? For some of us, it’s been harder to get back out than we had imagined. For others, we’ve been out waiting on things to go back to normal and the longer we go the less it seems like normal is coming. As a school year ends, we’re beginning to feel the weight of what a wacky year of school could mean for our kids and the entire next generation. We see businesses unable to continue and we’re not sure of our own economic futures either. People that we had been in close relationship with for years seem to have faded from our lives as quarantines became common and uncertainties about people’s comfort levels drove people into isolation. For some of us pivotal markers in life were interrupted - family funerals, weddings, graduations, proms, sports seasons, holidays and more were lost.

Yet still, that might not scratch the surface. Some of us lost people to a virus that took the world by storm - and some young, leaving families behind. If not us, then people we work with or hang out with or love lost people near to them.

Oh yeah, church? Our spiritual lives? Sure, there were moments along the way where we all sought to find a good God in a hurting world, but as we pushed through the pain we faced this year, we often struggled to press on with our walk with God. There was just too much to make sense of. We often gave up out of exhaustion or despair.

So now, how do we begin to walk with God again? Now that we feel more ready to jump in, where do we begin? And maybe just as important, how do we help others do the same? How do we understand the brokenness we are experiencing alongside a God who is supposedly in control?

If we’re honest, we don’t want things to be normal again, we want things to be restored. We want brokenness to be healed. We want things to be whole and as God intended them to be.

That takes Weeping before walking.

Join us online or at Christ Community Sunday mornings at 10 am beginning April 18, 2021.


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