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Look out for Thornbushes! Top of Mind Monday

Obedience opens opportunities for others. - Jeff Bracken

Jeff's message had several points that I appreciated as he taught about being called to be "fishers of men," but this one resonated with me the most. Jeff talked about how Peter's obedience to go back out to fish opened up an opportunity for his fishing partners to be certain about Jesus. WOW! Simply by doing what Jesus has asked me to do today, he could be opening opportunities for others to know Christ! Yes, Lord! If you missed Jeff's sermon, catch the replay on YouTube.

The Pastor/Elders are ready to recommend new leaders!

This weekend, our pastor/elder team came to a point where we are ready to recommend both a pastor/elder candidate as well as our first deacon team! If you are a covenant member, keep your eyes open for an email briefing you on the recommended leaders as well as a refresher on why we're in this process. We'll have a vote of affirmation at the conclusion of the Gathering on March 19. Can't wait for what the Lord is going to do through these leaders!

Sharing Jesus comes out!

Yesterday I shared about how the Lord has been teaching me about sharing Jesus with people. I left out something huge - I'm learning that by watching Jason, Justin, and Seth live that out on a weekly basis and praying for one another as we share Jesus with friends and coworkers. The first 20 minute episode (BOLD WORDS) of this 4 part series is out wherever you listen to podcasts!

Helping marriages reflect Christ's love for the church.

Katie talked about her burden for it at the end of the gathering. David & Gigi Wheeler are leaning into what God is calling them to do by launching a group focused on strengthening your marriage. Jake & Laura Heil came to EDGE Students last night and shared from their testimonies about how God designs and uses marriage in this broken world. Katelyn and I are no exception; we understand the grind of having a healthy marriage in a world that is broken and doesn't value marriage like Scripture does. That's why now, more than ever, healthy marriages are on the brain.

I'm thankful for Mike Cox and the crown of thorns.

This past Saturday, I joined over 30 of you who went out to help Mike & Gaye Cox out at Stormhaven with some spring chores! What a day! I am so thankful for Mike and Gaye and the way they love Jesus and lead others to him.

Saturday, as Mike and I trapesed through some brush we came upon a thorn bush. Someone made comment that you have to watch out because those will stick you. Without missing a beat, Mike commented, "You could make a crown of thorns with those things." My heart and mind immediately went to Jesus. Hanging on a cross, with thorns pressed into his scalp. To pay the price for my sins. What an example of pointing people to Jesus with bold, yet simple words.

Metaphorically speaking, look out for those thornbushes today. Not so you won't get stuck by one, but so you might bring Jesus up in the conversation.


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