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Looking for a Bible reading plan for 2022? We've got you covered!

Ready to be more intentional about reading God's Word in 2022?

Want to dig in to Scripture through a different reading plan than in years past?

Overwhelmed by all the plans you can find out there?

We've found 5 favorites that we encourage people to use. We even use these as the "curriculum" for our discipleship groups! These plans are designed for 5 days of reading per week to give you built in catch up days while still walking you through Scripture in a meaningful way over the course of a year.

So go ahead:

  1. Pick one out.

  2. Print the plan.

  3. Stick it in your Bible and start opening it day by day!

If you have any questions about getting in God's Word, please feel free to reach out to staff, pastor/elders, or your Community Group leader for answers. We're praying for you as you start a new year of joining Jesus!

Read through the gospels and all the books of wisdom as you spend the year hearing from God about Jesus' way of life. You'll be amazed as you engage Jesus' story from different view points all while feeling the emotions of your spirituality through the Psalms!

Read through the entire New Testament as you spend the year hearing from God about initiating his new covenant. The New Testament is the realities we live in today, so this helps us live lives that look like Jesus in a world that needs him!

Read selections of Scripture that help tie together God's redemptive story written throughout Scripture as well as help you identify your place in it. You'll engage themes that run throughout the whole Bible tying it together in ways you could have never imagined!

This plan was designed by Replicate Ministries to read through the majority of the Bible in 260 days of reading or 5 days/week.

Read through the entire Old Testament as you spend the year hearing from God about the old covenant, the story of Israel, and how it set the stage for Jesus.


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