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Love Shelbyville Day Celebrations!

Thank YOU for leading; serving; being obedient and showing up this past weekend! We had 14 small groups (and over 150 people!) serving and praying all over our community in the name of Jesus. Here are just a few things to celebrate:

  • over 400 kids will get to eat this weekend because you packed bags of food for them

  • Stormhaven Youth Ranch is able to continue to minister to kids and families because you painted fence and helped with chores

  • EIGHT CCC college students are receiving care packages this week because you prayed for and packed them

  • Little Light House gets to continue to expand and serve more families because of all the work that you did there

  • Staff at MCMS now has a sidewalk to walk on so they don’t have to trudge through the mud because you built a sidewalk path for them

and so much more!


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