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Love Through Letters Project

We’ll be out loving Shelbyville this Sunday, May 24th, but we know that’s not the best option for some of you. As you stay home, we want to challenge and encourage you to Love Through Letters.

We’ve put together a list of heroes working in the medical field that we want to encourage and love on. We’re going to love on them through letters! If you want to take part in this, email, include the subject “Love Through Letters”, and someone from our CCC Online team will contact you on Sunday, May 24th with a name and an address to which you can send your letter.

You and your family might do multiple letters for the same person. You could drop them in one at a time for the next week or flood their mailbox on one day. Do it up right! Ask the Lord to show you how to pray for them as you write the letters and get them ready to mail.

Email if you have any questions or if you would like want to participate in this at-home Love Shelbyville Day project. See you Sunday!


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