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March Sadness and more! Top of Mind Monday

"Disciplemaking breaks the cycle of poverty." - Dave Sullivan

It was really encouraging to hear about Dave's trip to Honduras and God's work through Sparrow Missions yesterday! As he shared example after example of young leaders who were once being discipled themselves, it was like a shot in the arm reminding me of the need to join Jesus in going out to make disciples! Seeing how discipleship is not only changing lives spiritually, but also breaking generational poverty was Uh-mazing!

"God doesn't have a cookie-cutter disciple." - Alan Witham

I'm always thankful for the wisdom Alan shares! When he said this after reading the list of the first apostles, it reminded me to enjoy the beauty of diversity. That's tough to do most times. It's easier to hang out with people like us - they think like us, look like us, function like us, and enjoy things like we do. Even how we follow Jesus will be unique! So don't be afraid to be who God created you to be, while at the same time be reminded that all of those unique disciples were UNIFIED in following Jesus. May he be our king!

New Leader Affirmations

It was a milestone day at CCC as pastor/elders recommended the first team of deacons to our church family! If you're a covenant member who hasn't placed your vote of affirmation or received the link to do so, contact We'll share the results next Sunday before we LOVE SHELBYVILLE!

Interested in learning more about why CCC exists and what it means to be a part of that? Come to 101!

Anytime we Love Shelbyville, we also host a luncheon for anyone interested in learning more about CCC or becoming a covenant member. If this is you, contact me (blake@loveshelbyville) to RSVP for lunch and childcare (if needed).

March Sadness: Painful losses can reveal our idols.

That's about all I can say after watching my Purdue Boilermakers take a loss that will live with them for all time. As I watched March Sadness this weekend, I realized a little TOO much of my heart was invested. I'm not saying, I'll never watch again or that I'll quit rooting for Purdue. I am saying it's good from time to time to let your heart be laid open and for God to do surgery.

Taken any losses lately? Any idols pop up that you weren't expecting?


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