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Missions: GAP Trip Recap!

Last weekend, we took a group (of almost 30 people!) from CCC to serve with a ministry in Eastern KY call GAP (God’s Appalachian Partnership). We were able to serve with them as they hosted a huge community wide Easter Egg Hunt/Carnival; all with the intentionality of sharing the Gospel with each family who attended. Here are some highlights from that our people shared with me from that day:

  • Encouraging and cheering for the kids at our game stations

  • Meeting and serving as one with people from other churches across the state

  • Watching the kids that came with our team serve and build relationships with others

  • Seeing the Gospel message shared repeatedly to each person who was attending the event

  • Watching how happy kids and families were to have something like this to participate in together

  • The true joy on people’s faces (kids AND adults)

Hope you can join us the next time; in the meantime; please be praying. GAP is in desperate needs of additional staff members. Please be praying for someone to answer God’s call and join them full time in Eastern KY. If you or someone you know would like more information please contact Katie (


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