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"Money to the Mission" Offering

I often use this phrase when talking about some of the “stripped down” elements of Christ Community: “We want to get the money to the mission!”

Every year, one of the ways we do that is through sending short-term mission teams. These short-term teams move God’s mission forward in several ways. They give on ground support to missionaries long-term initiatives. They inspire people who would not have given missions a second thought to give their lives to serving God here, there, and everywhere. But for many, they also help fund mission efforts at other times of the year. These short-term teams not only bring offerings to the mission's effort, but they bring supplies and build giving bases for the future.

In light of that, Christ Community will take up a special offering during the month of July. All month, you can give to this special offering that will be divided among three of our ongoing partners in missions efforts. Throughout the month, we will highlight these partners both in Sunday Gatherings and on social media throughout the week.

We had mission trips planned for this summer to Honduras and Central Asia. In Honduras, we were continuing our partnership with Sparrow Missions. In Central Asia, we were preparing for our first trip with a new partner working to plant churches in a closed country. Both of these partners continue to serve and love on people while proclaiming the good news of Jesus to those who need Him most.

In addition, Crossings Camp has served God’s mission by raising up children and teen leaders as they consider God’s calling on their life. Their entire line-up of summer camps, and resulting revenue, was lost in light of the pandemic.

So church, let’s get the money to the mission!

You can give to this special offering by writing “Money to the Mission” in the memo line of a check OR selecting the “Money to the Mission” fund in our online giving portal. Visit to access our online giving and contact with any questions.

At the end of the month, we will divide this offering between these three great partners as they continue to join Jesus in taking the Gospel out to world!

—Blake, Lead Pastor/Elder


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