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Oh, to be ALIVE! - Top of Mind Monday

"I saw more clearly than ever, that the first great and primary business to which I ought to attend every day was, to have my soul happy in the Lord." - George Muller

This was the opening quote to a book chapter I read this morning, and isn't it great?! To have a soul HAPPY in the Lord - Yes, Lord! To be blessed, to have joy, to truly be HAPPY when I realize whose I am and how he loves me! The other thing I love about this quote is the idea of "attending" to my soul. That takes time. And effort. Those things aren't wasted when you attend to your soul. In fact, it makes you feel much more ALIVE.

Shortly after I read this chapter, Katelyn sent me this picture of the sunrise this morning:

Thanks for helping me attend to my soul Lord!

We Loved Shelbyville!

Wow! Over 75% of our church family went on a 2 hour mission trip yesterday meeting a variety of needs throughout our community! Yesterday, our church family served or served with ministries to released inmates, unborn babies, widows, elderly, children, those in recovery, and our neighbors on the 13 streets around us! HUGE thanks as well to those who served on Saturday at Touched Twice! In all these things, we're championing abundant LIFE!!

New Leaders!

Over the last week, we affirmed new leaders (1 Pastor/Elder and 10 Deacons!) and that's exciting! Each person received 87% affirmative votes or higher - what a testimony to the Lord's faithfulness!! I found myself over the last 24 hours thinking and dreaming about this next season of ministry at Christ Community.. What is the Lord doing? Lord, what do you want us to know about this next season? And what do you want us to do?

Just prayerfully asking the Lord those questions makes me feel ALIVE!

"If we learn to love the nations well, we'll do the same for our neighbors."

I heard a couple say this at CCC this weekend and it's lingering in my heart. 10 years from now, wouldn't it be cool if when people mention CCC they not only thought "They love Shelbyville," but also "They love the nations." What would make them say that? If we sacrifice to go to them. If we send our very best to share Jesus with them. If we pray for them like God is listening.

Speaking of, pray especially for our partners in Central Asia this week as they need the Lord to show up in some very specific and tangible ways. Would you stop and pray for them right now? "Father, you are the Creator and Sustainer of all things and you are sovereign over everything. Would you now sustain our friends in Central Asia? In your power, meet them in their hour of need. In Jesus name, Amen."

Living in light of pain, problems, and death.

This past week there was a bad accident at the entrance to our neighborhood. The guy in the accident was in a massive amount of pain. A CCC member was first on the scene and cared for him well.

Catch any of us in a moment of vulnerability and we could tell you about several "problems" we're facing right now.

Turn on the news and hear about multiple deaths that have come as tornados ravaged Mississippi.

Pain, problems, death. This world is fallen. And those things don't escape my mind on this Monday either. But as we grieve these hard things, feeling that grief is a reminder that we are ALIVE.

Spiritually, when we feel the sting of sin or the pain of sin's consequences, it's a reminder that we are ALIVE in Christ.

Oh, to be ALIVE!


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