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Pass the Gravy - 3 Extra Reasons to Give to the Christmas Offering

I enjoy just about any kind of meat that gets served at family gatherings. The sides are good, but I’m partial to the main course!

Anytime you can slather a good sauce or gravy on that meat, it just gets better.

This past Sunday, I introduced our Christmas offering initiative at Christ Community: 2 weeks of giving out of obedience to whatever the Lord asked of us to support both our local partners and the Lottie Moon offering for the International Mission Board.

We opened up and took a big bite of Scriptural meat from 2 Corinthians 8. Giving is a grace! The Lord gives to us and he gives through us. We’ve got to finish the task by giving to those we’ve committed to supporting in the great commission!

But anytime you can slather a good sauce or gravy on meat, it just gets better. Here’s 3 reasons to give sacrificially to the Christmas offering at Christ Community today.

Gravy? Yes, please.

This goes straight to missionaries on the front line

Whether this supports people sharing Jesus with people right here in Shelbyville, or they are sharing Jesus with someone in a closed country, every bit of the Christmas offering gets the money to the tip of the gospel spear!

This is an opportunity to make a difference from here to the farthest ends of the earth

It’s not everyday that you can make one donation and see it change lives across the street and across the world. Today’s that day!

There’s no offering in the world that helps you be united together with more believers than this one

So much isolation in 2020 has led to a desire to be united together. By combining what we’re doing here locally with the International Mission Board’s efforts globally, we’re partnering with more believers than we could with any other effort. The IMB sends more international missionaries than any agency in the world. Giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas offering allows us to partner in that effort!

So don’t hold back. Pour a little gravy on that grace of giving this Christmas. Give to the CCC Christmas offering!


Select the “Money to the Mission” fund on our online giving platform

OR text an amount to 502-305-7363

OR note “Money to the Mission” in the memo line of a mailed check


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